Churchill Swimfins

Today I shot a single Churchill Makapu’u Pro Swimfin. Churchill is “The Original Swimfin” according to the company. Lots of pro bodyboarders, bodysurfers, and swimmers use these fins. They boast a comfortable foot pocket and are powerful. The fin is mostly known for its dolphin tail shape. This was fairly difficult to light. The fin is… Continue reading Churchill Swimfins

Thunderstorms, Time-Lapses, and a Panoramic

Last month, Southern California experienced some rare summer weather: rain. As most people are aware, California has experienced a severe drought over the last several years. Water levels are at their lowest in more than 20 years. It’s rather scary to be a permanent resident here, with little prospects of moving somewhere with a better potable… Continue reading Thunderstorms, Time-Lapses, and a Panoramic