GoPro Hero 5 Black and Evo GP Pro Combo

A couple of weeks ago I purchased my first GoPro, the new Hero 5 Black. I’ve watched plenty of videos created with these remarkable little cameras and finally made the plunge. Opening the box was harder than learning how to use the camera. I’m probably a little more experienced with cameras and settings than most, nonetheless, the folks at GoPro have made it sooooo easy to pick up this camera and begin making high resolution video footage.

I also picked up the Evo GP Pro 3-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer to accompany my new device. I read about a couple different gimbals online, but this one seemed to make sense. It was also the only one made for the Hero 5. That made my decision pretty easy. I chose not to wait for the GoPro Karma simply because the price point of either of these gimbals isn’t prohibitive like other gimbals on the market. Evo GP Pro, as well as the others made for small devices, is super easy to operate. There is no balancing involved, just put the GoPro where it goes, tighten down the bracket, and bang! it’s ready to use. Power on the gimbal, then hold down the joystick for two seconds and the 3 motors power up.

One thing that sucks about the Evo GP Pro is the placement of the tilt motor: it blocks the menu button on the GoPro. So, you either have to open Capture in your smartphone, or remove the camera from the gimbal to change the camera settings. It takes all of 5 seconds to get the camera out, but it seems unnecessary that you can’t access the button while the camera is mounted in the gimbal. Anyhow, it pays to know what you want to shoot, set your settings ahead of time, and make use of the quick start record button on top of the camera.

Aside from the functionality issues, this combination is truly excellent for creating buttery smooth footage without having to carry a bunch of gear. In my previous blogs, I’ve uploaded videos I made while carrying a DJI Ronin-m with either a Sony A7sii or Canon 5Diii. I can assure you that the GoPro/Evo combo is far kinder to the body that an 8 pound rig.

Video was edited in Premiere Pro CC 2017, royalty free music from

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