2011 Cypress College Student Show

The Cypress College 21st annual Student Photography Show and Awards Ceremony is tonight. I submitted 9 pieces of which 8 were accepted. They range from photojournalism to portraiture to travel photography. I am very excited for the festivities tonight. There is quite a buzz online in anticipation for the opening. Many former students say they are planning on being there along with most of the entrants. Here are the images I had accepted to the show and are on the wall in the gallery right now!

Peter, fellow photographer and light explorer. He has seen this on the wall already.
I titled this “Time Traveler.” The top photo was taken in Austin’s Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas. I caught a brief moment where no one was walking by. That image was probably composed in my head for 30 minutes before I pressed the shutter. The lower image is from the airplane (duh!). Good thing airplanes are loud, the Keiv Salut C sounds like a gunshot!
This is titled “End Days.” Captured on 9/11/2010 in New York City, during protests on the ninth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. This is by far one of the most meaningful photographs I’ve ever taken. It was quite a scene and highly politically charged. Hey guys, I know it’s a little late to get a flight, but just in case you’re interested, there is a photo of you on the wall at Cypress College.
Lifestyle portrait of Reid at home. Reid, if you’re reading this, you’re on the wall at Cypress College.
This is titled “Jesus Men” for their mockery of walking on water. These dudes don’t even know there is a photo of them. But if you’re one of these guys, there’s a photo on the wall at Cypress College of you doing your best Jesus impersonation.
This is “Scuba Chob.” Chob is a wonderful scuba instructor. He travels all over the world teaching people how to scuba dive while taking some amazing underwater photos. Chob will be there tonight, and he has already seen the wall.
George Katz. George is a a huge fan of ice cream. He once told me a story (that seemed to last for days) about how he would eat a half pint of ice cream every night while he was in the Army during World War II. He then handed me ice cream and told me I couldn’t turn it down. This photo is a part of the “Scowl” series. George, I doubt you use the Internet, but if you’re reading this, you have made it on the wall at Cypress College.
Nate. Nate made an appearance in the blog post http://craignorrisphoto.blogspot.com/2011/01/new-year-new-ideas.html.

Nate is moving to San Fransisco in a couple of weeks. I’m glad I was able to capture this image before he is gone. Thanks, Nate! You’re on the wall too!

I must be doing something right!



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