Self Portraits 101

About once a year for the past few years, I’ve moved. This week has been really busy. Between moving, unpacking (it takes so much longer to unpack than pack!), school, editing shoots, printing and cutting mattes for two shows, there has been little time to do much aside from eating and sleeping. But, our new house is simply amazing. We have basically doubled our living space. There is so much room in this place! At least twice a day, I place my iPhone in a different spot and spend the next 30 minutes searching for it. I’m so thankful being here. It’s very quiet. There is no describing what a difference a quiet house makes when focusing on work.

On moving day I made an exciting discovery: the previous tenant left 2 banks of fluorescent lights! Some of the best light sources a portrait photographer can ask for. Versatile, soft, cheap, and beautiful catch lights.

For more information about my portrait photography, please contact me at or call 714-599-0179


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