Santa Barbara the Beautiful

Lauren and I hopped in the car and headed to Santa Barbara on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day. We took Pacific Coast Highway as far as we could until it turned into Highway 101. It was about 68 in Santa Barbara when we arrived; sunny, beautiful, and teeming with tourists. We walked around for a bit, had a bite to eat at a small Mexican restaurant. They had three different green salsas, which I personally can’t live without. One was an avocado style, another was tomatillo, and I don’t know what the third was, but it was smoky and delicious. After we ate, we walked around a little more then went back to the Hotel Oceana. The room was cozy, quiet and relaxing.

After recuperating we walked around Stearns Wharf. I brought my 35mm film camera with me. The light was wonderful, just after sunset, soft, beautiful evening light.

On the beach in Santa Barbara

A restaurant in Stearns Wharf named The Harbor

She is my favorite subject right now.

Looking like a lawyer

The next morning we unfortunately woke up early to a knocking pipe in the wall. Roughly every 15-20 seconds, a pipe in the bathroom would say, “Hi! I’m awake, are you?!” I couldn’t go back to sleep. I think these things happen for a reason. I rolled out of bed, grabbed the 35mm again and went for a nice, pre-sun walk. I walked to the south side of Stearns Wharf and found a cool little scene. I have never shot a panorama on film, but this situation begged for it and all I had was film. There is something about this photo that I absolutely cannot explain. It gives me one of those physical feelings in the gut of my stomach when I look at it. I swear it’s like I was there in the 40’s to make this photo, like I time travelled for 20 seconds or so to take 9 shots and make this.

Overall Santa Barbara is really beautiful. We didn’t venture far off into anything that is not a tourist area, but that was OK with me. I was fortunate enough to capture a few images that will help me remember that day for the rest of my life.


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